Since the legalization of cannabis in multiple U.S. States, lawmakers and civilians have debated if the drug is a safe or unsafe additive (so to speak) to American culture. Members of the marijuana community believe the drug can improve health or general well-being, while some lawmakers are still cautious about fully legalizing the drug. Needless to say, events sweeping headlines recently have not provided a quality case for marijuana. Several Indiana teens and young New Mexico girl both suffered dreadful side effects from eating THC-laced candies. Around the same time, the California Governor banned medical marijuana from schools. Likewise, the latest story involves lawmakers order to remove marijuana gummy and hard candies from shelves in Washington State. Let’s take a closer look at the incident and its significance.

Flying off the Shelves…Literally

CANNABIS GUMMIES AND HARD CANDIES REMOVED FROM STORE SHELVES IN WASHINGTONOn Wednesday, October 10, 2018, members of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) announced that they would be removing marijuana-infused edibles, placing a full-scale ban on gummy candies, hard candies, fruit chews, and designer chocolate. As explained in a presentation, producers were directly ordered to resend their materials back to the Board no later than January 1, 2019 (when the board reviews packaging and promotion for the products).

State of Disarray

As of 2018, Washington State has effectively legalized both medical and recreational marijuana. So, why has this order been released? Overall, the LCB is concerned that marijuana edibles were too tempting for young children and teens. Rather than developing a new regulation, however, board members are carrying out statewide rules. In Washington, producers cannot sell or advertise products that could attract juveniles. In this light, the Board has turned its attention on particularly appealing edibles: gummies and hard candies.

For example, regulators determined the “Sour Ring” candies sold by FlavRX’s Flav to be far too attractive for children. After re-reviewing the products, the Board found that this product did not match the criteria that were included in a product approval package.

Needless to say, marijuana enthusiasts are less than enthusiastic. Nevertheless, the Board hopes this will prevent any more emergencies involving children from happening.

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