For a significant portion of the country’s population, marijuana treats are all the rage nowadays. From cannabis-laced waffles to THC-spiked gummy bear candies, the long list of edibles seems to be growing steadily. Now, according to sources, the marijuana industry could be preparing to invite a new candidate to its lineup of beverages with the cooperation of a big player: Pepsi. Let’s see how this major corporation could be uniting with the cannabis community to create a new version of their popular soda.

Pepsi with Pep

CANNABIS PEPSI COULD JOIN THE LONG LIST OF EDIBLESOn October 2, 2018, Hugh Johnston (Chief Financial Officer of Pepsi) revealed that the company has considered entering the cannabis industry, although he has not disclosed any more details at this time. Ironically, Pepsi’s announcement coincides with its rival Coca-Cola’s big reveal of a goal to create wellness beverages laced with cannabis. While further confirmation is required, Coca-Cola hinted at a partnership with Canadian marijuana producer Aurora to create these drinks. Perhaps Pepsi desires to stay one step ahead of its historic competitor.

How Other Companies Want to Participate

In truth, the concept of a Pepsi marijuana drink is relevant, given events in recent years. Many beverage companies have shown great interest in pursuing the creation of products in this industry:

  • Constellation Brands: This major alcohol distributor has invested in Canopy Growth Corp. (Canada) and hinted at the production of cannabis-laced beer.
  • Lagunitas: California’s beer producer will be creating Hi-Fi Hopes, sparkling water infused with THC (the psychoactive agent in marijuana)
  • Province Brands: This company revealed they will be creating a beer made from the parts of the marijuana plant (flower, buds, and stems)

The Proof is in the Pot

Surprisingly, people are spending less money on the dried, leafy variety of marijuana and are turning to e-cigarettes, edibles, and other alternatives. Cannabis companies in the United States and Canada project that, due to these statistics, the beverage sector could grow significantly. Consider how that could potentially impact our country.

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