In modern media, celebrities use their powerful influence to draw attention to a special cause, a charity, or a specific type of product. Remember the iconic Marlboro cigarette advertisements featuring Tom Selleck? How can we forget the iconic commercials featuring Dennis Haysbert as the All-State Guy? From cameos to special appearances at galas, celebrities seem to be everywhere these days. So, you may not be surprised to hear that many famous people also promote marijuana legalization. However, this charity is one risky business. After all, pot promotion can either be a charitable activity or a potential death grip for an individual’s career, despite progress in pro-cannabis movements. So, which famous people have promoted the little green plant and pushed for legalization? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Eugene Monroe (American Football Player)

Overall, the sports industry and the NFL (in particular) have shared a rocky relationship with the fragrant herb, but a string of athletes have started “coming out” as weed smokers. Why is this the case? Mostly, these football players claim that marijuana is a much safer medication for pain management than opioids (an understandable concept). Former linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, Eugene Monroe is one of hundreds of men who suffered from severe injuries during his career. However, the powerhouse recently earned a spot as the NFL’s first player to advocate for the removal of marijuana from the Banned Substances List. Even so, Monroe has urged other athletes to “step out of the green closet” and share their stories about the drug.

Zach Galafinakis (Actor, Comedian)

We all remember him as Alan, the loveable weirdo from The Hangover, but Zach Galafinakis has served as a staunch voice for marijuana legalization for over eight years. In 2010, the actor and comedian appeared as a guest on “Real Time with Bill Maher” to promote the little plant. As part of the program, Maher discussed the fight for marijuana legalization with political figures before Galafinakis (in one of the most infamous yet hilarious moments on TV history) pulled out a joint and smoked it. Afterward, the comedian finished in the best way a comedian could, by asking “Where are the dragons?” (slamming pothead stereotypes).

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