Drug addiction is a problem that affects everyone in society. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, how much money, or how little, drugs can tear apart the lives of anyone who uses them. While the media likes to portray celebrities as high above ordinary people, they are still susceptible to the same drug habits as everyone else. Because of this glorification of stars, the media will often berate them when big-name talents are caught with drugs or sent to rehab. While it may be easy to mock them, it is important to remember that they are just as much of a victim as any other addict. Here are just a few celebrities who have been fighting their drug addictions, with varying degrees of success.

Demi Lovato

Actor and singer Demi Lovato has been a performer from an early age getting her start as a child actress on the show Barney & Friends before getting her big break acting on the Disney channel. She had great success as an actor before focusing on her career as a singer-songwriter. She has been very open about her problems with addiction and has been a source of inspiration to those suffering from the same problems she has. Unfortunately in late July of 2018, after years of being sober, Lovato suffered from an overdose and was rushed to the hospital. She was able to recover quickly, but her public image has darkened a bit since as some people say she let down her fans and supporters.  Lovato ‘s relapse shows how relapse is a very real threat, even to people who are outspoken about drug addiction and have a vast support network.


Robert Downey Jr.

Most people know Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and how his performance was instrumental in creating the Marvel cinematic universe we know today, but many don’t really know about his career before Marvel. RDJ was a popular actor in the 80s and early 90s, staring in many films that brought him commercial and critical acclaim. During late 90s early 2000s era Downey was arrested multiple times for possession of illegal drugs and spent most of his time in and out of rehab. Downey was eventually able to get sober enough to start working again in small roles, but in 2008 he made a massive comeback becoming a household name as Iron Man. Today Downey is still playing the Iron Man character while staring in many other blockbuster movies. RDJ has maintained that has been drug-free since 2003 and credits that to his wife, Susan Levin.

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