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“Chasing the Dragon” Introduces Young Audiences to Opioid Addiction

“Chasing the Dragon” Introduces Young Audiences to Opioid Addiction

For over two decades, the United States has burrowed deeper and deeper into the hot mess of the Opioid Epidemic, possibly one of the worst public health emergencies since the outbreak of AIDS in the 70s and 80s. Hundreds of thousands of people have died due to opioid-related overdoses, while millions more have suffered from opioid abuse and addiction. Despite efforts to put this crisis to a stop, America still seems to be swimming in circles. Perhaps one of our best hopes is to educate young children, teens, and young adults about the dangers of these drugs. Now, thanks to films like Chasing the Dragon, that might be a possibility. Here is a closer look at this painful but important collection of stories focusing on opioid-addicted patients.

Representing the Cycle of Addiction

Running at 45 minutes in total, Chasing the Dragon is a documentary that focuses on the lives of patients who have become opioid addicts or people whose family members suffer from this condition. Overall, this film takes us to the core of the deadly addiction cycle and reveals the tragic consequences of opioid addiction on family life and social circles.

Directors have specifically targeted an audience of high school students and young adults to warn them about the dangers of opioids.

A Brutal Educational Guide

Sometimes tough love is necessary to help people grow, a message that Chasing the Dragon definitely carries. As part of a program that involves watching the film, the DEA has paired a study guide with the documentary to help educators guide their students through each stage of the movie. Ultimately, officials are hoping Chasing the Dragon stimulates conversations about opioids, something that can make or break a person’s resilience later in life when it comes to opioid use disorder.

Seeking Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

Opioid use disorder is easily one of the most terrifying substance use disorders on the planet, mostly because opioid addiction partially stems from a large number of drugs that are legally regulated by the federal government. For decades, our country has suffered beneath the weight of dangerous synthetics and legal painkillers, and millions of Americans have suffered from addiction throughout the 20 years the crisis has been brewing. However, you can make the right decision by taking a stand against your addiction and regaining your health and happiness.

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