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Substance Abuse disorder is a chronic medical condition that requires professional treatment. Making the decision to seek treatment for yourself or a loved one is a brave step in the right direction. However, deciding which type of treatment can be an overwhelming decision, shouldn’t be considered lightly. Fortunately, there are several options available across the country and close to home!

Outpatient Therapy is an effective option for the management and treatment of substance abuse disorder. It is one that is often considered by those that realize that they need to address their drug and alcohol use issues, but need to tend to other life responsibilities at the same time. It is much different from the usual portrayal of rehab as an institution that you check in to. Outpatient Therapy is specifically designed to offer rigorous, comprehensive addiction treatment that is tailored to meet your particular needs; it allows you the flexibility and freedom to put time and energy into your other responsibilities such as work, family, and education. Those who participate in these programs can take advantage of the ability to go home after a daily or evening program; providing you with a greater level of privacy and anonymity. It also removes the need to explain a prolonged absence to friends or coworkers.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) are not suitable for every client. For some, the pressure and stress of home and work contribute to their substance abuse, and being removed from that setting is necessary to really head towards recovery. 

Entering an outpatient alcohol addiction rehab program is a helpful way to defeat alcoholism and regain control of your life. Addiction is a disease that is almost always rooted in other causes. While twelve-step programs are powerful tools they are not always effective on their own. If you want to avoid ongoing relapses and stop alcohol addiction at the source, entering an outpatient treatment program offers a pathway to treat the root causes of the illness. 

At Asana Recovery, we understand how difficult recovering from these addictions through our daily work to help those struggling most from this disease. While some may believe they can make it alone, rehabilitation programs are essential in the fight to break dependency. The road ahead is not a smooth or easy one, but you can traverse it if done so with the support of the right team. Counseling and aftercare processes can assist you by addressing the psychological facets that led you to addition and help you build a structure from which to better cope with life without succumbing to addiction.

The supervised detoxification and residential treatment programs at Asana Recovery are offered in a supportive, relaxing, and inspiring environment. We’re deeply committed to ensuring your long-term recovery, and guiding you on your path to a healthier and happier future. There is no better time than now, and we’re always available to speak with you. Call us at (949) 438-4504 to learn more about our comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment program today.


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