The dangers of club drugs are well-known; reports of hallucinations, paranoia, and aggressive behavior are far from uncommon. Other health consequences, including brain damage, psychosis, nerve degeneration, hemorrhaging, kidney failure, cardiovascular collapse, and death, have also been identified by medical professionals for years now. New research indicates that there may be a new health consequence to add to that list—vision impairment.

The study examined the use of the club drug known as “poppers,” a liquid that is inhaled for euphoric effects, in twelve men who were treated at an eye specialist in England from 2013-2016. The researchers believe that the isopropyl nitrate in the club drug is likely the culprit, causing damage to a depression in the retina. The most commonly reported symptoms were blurriness and blind spots that began within only hours or days of the substance use.

Despite their fun-sounding name, club drugs are very dangerous and can be addictive. Substance addictions are a progressive disease that will grow in severity as time passes by.

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