Did you know that roughly one-third of all cocaine users in the United States are women? Even more interesting, the female body and brain seem to be affected by this drug differently than those of their male counterparts (as expected). In fact, according to a team of scientists from the Emory University School of Medicine, many women respond to treatment differently than men, and cocaine itself produces a unique reaction in the female brain. Simply put, female cocaine addicts who have developed a dependency experience different types of neural activities in their brains, in contrast to men who are dependent on cocaine. In that light, some medical professionals have proposed that gender-specific rehabilitation programs may be required under certain conditions. Let’s take a closer look at the situation and find out some more information.

Cravings in the Female Brain

COCAINE AFFECTS WOMEN DIFFERENTLY THAN MENIn the study conducted by Dr. Clinton Kilts, he and his team studied the brains of 8 women who abstained from cocaine and suffered from severe cravings. Ultimately, the group compared the females’ blood tests with the results of 8 cocaine-addicted men (who also suffered from cravings). At the beginning of the study, the team lectured the men and women about cocaine to trigger stronger feelings of addiction.

Based on a related report from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the study effectively confirmed that women experience a decreased in activity in the amygdala (the portion of the brain that controls sexual urges and excitement). In other words, severe drug cravings put a damper on this aspect of female reproduction.

Absorption and Processing

Likewise, additional studies have discovered how women absorb and metabolize cocaine differently than men. Simply put, a major difference in metabolic capability and an overproduction of mucous in the nasal passage (for menstruating women) are huge determinants for female reactions to cocaine. Simply put, women and men react differently to this drug, begging the question as to whether or not treatment options should be different (under certain circumstances.)

Seeking Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

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