Alcohol’s effects on our health is a big topic of debate among medical professionals, as it has been for many years. While some studies have indicated that a glass of wine or hard liquor might lower risks for heart disease or strokes, additional researcher had focused on the dangers of consuming too much alcohol in short periods of time (over a long-term). Bizarrely, one study blatantly proposed that no amount of alcohol is safe for a person’s health. So, what are we supposed to believe? What we can tell you for now is that one research team in Italy discovered that moderate drinking does result in fewer hospitalizations. Let’s take a closer look and find out what the scientists discovered.

More Booze, More Hospital Visits

In the report conducted by Simona Costanzo (a member of the Institute for Research, Hospitalization, and Health Care’s Department of Epidemiology and Prevention), her team sought to uncover the connection between heavy drinking and frequent hospitalization. As part of the assessment, the team analyzed a group of 20,682 people who had recently enrolled in the Molisani study (a program based in the Molise area of Italy). Ultimately, the first author concluded that excessive alcohol consumption is directly linked to a higher risk of hospitalization. However, in stark contrast, people who drank moderate amounts of alcohol experienced a lower risk, altogether.

Problem for the People, Impact on National Health

CONNECTION BETWEEN MODERATE DRINKING AND FEWER HOSPITALIZATIONSAccording to the author, excessive drinking is not only an exceptionally dangerous problem for individual people but also a threat to national health. As defined by the National Institute of Health (NIH), moderate drinking constitutes 2 daily drinks for a man and 1 daily drink for a woman, and (technically speaking) any amount exceeding this quantity is considered a major risk. Co-author Licia Iacoviello (head of the Laboratory of Molecular and Nutritional Epidemiology of IRCCS Neuromed) emphasizes how the data about alcohol abuse and alcoholism and its relation to hospitalization is a critical piece of evidence to build public awareness about drinking problems.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder

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