If you are a parent, you have probably asked yourself the question, “How can I keep my teenager from drinking alcohol when the advertisements for this stuff are everywhere?” While no one can guarantee a teen or young adult will not taste alcohol (at some point in our lives, we all have), you can always take steps to monitor your child’s activities. Nevertheless, the initial question does bring about a good point. In the world of mass media advertising and social media, you may find it difficult to shield your teens from alcohol, especially when ads for Budweiser beer or Jack Daniels pop up all over the place. Perhaps one of the best examples of mass-media advertising can be found in the SuperBowl. Every February, America’s biggest game of the year kicks off, and teens are exposed to images of young people indulging in beer as a means of socializing or comfort. Let’s take a closer look and consider how these SuperBowl advertisements for alcohol specifically cater to teens (and young adults).

SuperBowl Commercials, Baby!

While we gather together to watch our favorite teams body slam each other for a small ball, we all must admit that we watch the SuperBowl for one other purpose: the entertaining commercials. For decades, this iconic American game has produced some of the funniest, heartwarming, and sometimes shocking televised advertisements will make you think, cry, or laugh. During this time, companies and single artists take time to release promotions for their upcoming projects and will pay immensely high prices to make sure the world hears their messages. In fact, in 2011 alone, businessmen and women paid an estimated $20 million for a 30-second commercial on average. Are you still chuckling?

Bunches of Booze

Needless to say, football and alcohol go hand-in-hand (at least in the eyes of the American public). As a result, alcohol companies have also joined the fray of million-dollar advertising, meaning your teens have to be exposed to minute-after-minute of ads for Budweiser and other beers. Sometimes, even adults have a hard time separating what they see on screen from reality. So, imagine how difficult it might be for your son or daughter to see people happily consuming alcohol?

As an example, here is an example of two ads from the 2011 SuperBowl that demonstrates dangerous advertising to teens:

  • A man and a woman have won a makeover for their home, but the only change was a Bud Light bucket that was placed on the counter. The show’s host explains that the beer added a fun “vibe” to the room and explains this will be the place people want to hang out. (Message: Alcohol makes you a socially powerful person).
  • While dog-sitting, a friend is permitted to drink some Bud Light beer. Later, the scene cuts to a party where dogs are serving beer to patrons. (Message: Alcohol is fun and lighthearted).

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