Despite its less than honorable reputation (in the past), the little green plant called marijuana has ascended from an infamous drug to a potentially life-saving medicine in decades. Since the first recorded cancer-alleviation experiment in 1975 to the full-scale fight for a suppressant for AIDS, multiple groups of scientists have studied this fragrant herb in an attempt to tap into its potential healing factors. Even now, researchers in Australia are conducting the first clinical trial that will test the plant’s effectiveness as a cancer-accompaniment treatment for glioblastoma (a particularly nasty and aggressive brain tumor). Likewise, the United States has just legalized Epidiolex as an uncontrolled seizure medication. While we are aware of the drug’s benefits for cancer and epilepsy, what about some problems we do not know about? What about other nerve-related issues like essential tremors? Let’s take a closer look at how this plant can suppress this health problem.

Toking for Tremors

Back on September 18, the University for California San Diego’s Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research revealed that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) had officially approved its plans to order capsules containing two important marijuana compounds (CBD, THC) from Tilray (British Columbia). Ultimately, the researchers are hoping to test the effectiveness of these cannabinoids in the treatment of tremors (a condition that affects millions of people over the age of 65).

Unlike Parkinson’s disease, which instigates fits of shaking when a person is not moving, people suffering from essential tremors shake while they are moving and completing daily activities. Any action from holding a pencil to stirring tea can result in these tremors. While the little green plant and its compounds have been approved for medical use across the U.S. this will be the first time researchers have tapped into the drug’s potential as a tremor medication.

Inspiration for the Study

Initially, Dr. Fatta Nahab (neurologist at UCSD and the principal of the tremor study) explained he was inspired to conduct this study on the possible benefits of the plant when two patients’ tremors improved after they smoked marijuana (or consumed CBD). According to the FDA application, the drug formula contains a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio to ensure that any high is significantly subdued.

With hope, the members of the university are hoping to collected 16 to 20 patients for the test group and kickstart the study early in 2019.

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