While marijuana studies are not an exact science at this point in time, the analysis of the little green plant is still a critical part of the ongoing cannabis debate in the world. Over the course of many years, certain groups of scientists have been eager to uncover the medicinal secrets of this fragrant herb, but a significant quantity of these researchers have also been curious about the chemical makeup of these plants altogether. Since 1964, when Dr. Raphael Mechoulam first discovered the psychoactive cannabinoid called THC, chemical studies of the plant took an entirely different turn. As a whole, this leads us to a very important question: which strains have more THC than CBD (and vice versa)? Let’s take a closer look at whether the Indica or Sativa strains differ in terms of their CBD/THC ratios.

Species Is Not a Factor

If you keep up with the marijuana subculture, then you are probably aware that the two strains of the marijuana plant, Indica and Sativa, are drastically different in appearance. One plant has chunky buds, while the other forms fluffy spears. Overall, these two herb varieties developed these unique characteristics to help them grow in different climates ranging from cold highlands to lush tropical lowlands. So why does that have anything to do with how the plant affects the brain? In short, the answer is “nothing.”

A while back, Ethan Russo (a cannabis researcher) explained that the chemical compounds of the marijuana plant have nothing to do with leaf size, flower shape, or general height. Both plants can affect people (for the most part) in exactly the same way.

CBD and THC in Indica and Sativa

CONSIDERING IF INDICA OR SATIVA STRAINS PRODUCE MORE THC OR CBDWhile minimal, both plants differ somewhat in regards to their cannabinoid content. As indicated by the website Leafly, Sativa strains produce 0.04% more THC than Indica strains, but that is still a very small margin to compare and contrast. Interestingly, the opposite takes place with Indica, which produces 0.4% more CBD than its cousin Sativa. Once again, hybrid strains can produce slightly more, depending on which plant is more dominant.

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