There are several outpatient treatment programs available, and there are endless options for aftercare treatment. While inpatient treatments offer various techniques and activities for coping with sobriety, being out of the facility doesn’t limit your ability to continue practicing.

Adventure therapy is often incorporated into inpatient treatment programs as an effective tool for dealing with addictions. In addition to being called adventure therapy, some facilities refer to this type of treatment as:

  • Wilderness therapy
  • Outdoor therapy
  • Experiential therapy

This form of therapy often includes numerous outdoor adventures. These activities will be both mentally and physically challenging, designed to get you outside of your comfort zone. These work to build self-confidence, inner strength, and self-reliance. Some of the most common types of adventure therapy involve:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Checking out historical landmarks
  • Sports
  • Ziplining
  • Rock climbingAsana Recovery Center

After rehab, many addicts have difficulties finding ways they can continue this type of therapy on their own. Thankfully, there are three ways individuals can incorporate outdoor activities into their schedules so they can continue experiencing the benefits of this therapy.

  1. Check out aftercare programs. Several aftercare treatment options are available in different communities for addicts. These often offer resources addicts can use to find different programs for individuals or group activities. These activities should be completed in an appropriate setting and use motivation as a factor in determining the activity.
  2. Find adventure on your own. Outdoor activities should be used to replace drug use. Finding sober friends will guarantee you are able to find fun activities you can continue doing outside of rehab. It is important that you find an activity that you enjoy. The activity should be challenging both physically and mentally and rewarding as well.
  3. Travel. If you cannot find anything to provide outdoor adventure in your immediate area, then it is time to venture onward. Look online for tourist spots that offer challenging courses or activities that you would like to engage in. There are endless resources online that will guide you in choosing appropriate gear, finding hotels, restaurants, and everything you need to stay safe on your adventure.

No matter which path you choose to continue your adventure therapy, it is important that you continue trying new things and stay safe and sober in the process. It is crucial for you to prioritize your emotional, physical, and mental well-being no matter what journey you embark on.

At Asana Recovery, we place utmost importance on helping patients find new activities they love and can enjoy sober. There is no requirement for alcohol or drugs to be happy – just a drive for adventure and fun.

We have several trained professionals available to help patients focus on improving their mental well-being. Asana Recovery has numerous outdoor and indoor activities that help patients get in touch with their mind, body, and soul so they can improve their chance of a sober life. If you are interested in finding activities to help you overcome your addiction, please contact us at (949) 329 – 5479 to get started today.