When you are considering smoking another cigarette after months or years of abstinence, consider the fact that these little sticks contain a genocidal gas. No, that was not a typo. Many people will tell you that one of the most common byproducts of cigarettes is cyanide, a deadly colorless gas that was used as a weapon during World War II. In this case, smokers, as well as the people who hang out with them, are putting their lives at risk whenever they inhale firsthand or secondhand smoke. If you didn’t think cigarettes were that bad before, you will definitely reconsider after reading this. Let’s take a closer look.

Some Quick Facts about Cyanide

Mostly, manufacturers use cyanide in the production of products ranging from paper to plastics and implanted in pesticides, but a little-known fact is that this chemical is also naturally-occurring. A variety of plant seeds, like apple seeds and peach pits, contain trace amounts of cyanide. However, as we mentioned earlier, this nasty chemical is also infused in cigarettes.

What you might not know is that this nasty poison appears in mainstream smoke (about 0.6-27%), and only a minimal amount is found in secondhand smoke. If people inhale cyanide, they are shortening their lifespans by a staggering 10 to 15 years.

How Cyanide Affects the Body

Needless to say, the more cyanide the body is exposed to, the greater the chances of dangerous sicknesses or, in the worst-case scenario, death. In the largest concentrations, this dangerous poison stifles oxygen cells and will trigger immediate death. Even in its smallest concentrations, this gas is still deadly and can severely damage the central nervous system. Tremors, breathing problems, exhaustion, and fatigue are only a few of the symptoms of cyanide poisoning.

Seeking Treatment for Cigarette Use     

Remember that addiction can be triggered by one shot of alcohol or a single puff of a cigarette, but the true danger of this sickness is that you cannot fully determine how much you have to consume before your mind forms an attachment. Social smoking is just as dangerous as chronic smoking, on many levels, but you do not have to smoke to have a good time. Remember, drugs cannot determine if you have fun and do not have control over your life.

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