When you watch films like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone or Guardians of the Galaxy, you most likely feel a mixture of joy, wonderment, and excitement, particularly if you are a longtime fan of these beloved films (and even the books they are based on). So, try to recall (when you reached your teens) how hard the news hit when you learned that many of your favorite celebrities from iconic films like these actually suffered from drug addiction and alcoholism. While actors, actresses, musicians, and other famous faces have tried to make a name for themselves across the world, we have to remember that these people are human being just like the rest of us, and the same vices can afflict them, as well. For the month of December, let’s take a closer look at some celebrities you may not have known were addicts.

Daniel Radcliffe

Not even the Boy Who Lived is immune to addiction. Beloved by audiences around the world, Daniel Radcliffe is best known for his portrayal of literature and screen icon Harry Potter and has continued to sustain a steady film career since then. However, the actor eventually succumbed to much more than butter beer after becoming addicted to whiskey in 2009 (during the filming of the series). In an interview with GQ, Radcliffe did admit that he has not consumed alcohol since 2010, so we are very happy to report his problem was short-lived.

Kristin Davis

Before she attracted love and attention on Sex and the City, actress Kristen Davis suffered from a particularly severe case of alcoholism. In fact, she once explained that her illness was so severe that, at one point, she didn’t think she would live to see the age of 30. However, in an interview with Health magazine in 2008, Davis proudly confirmed she was completely free of alcohol.

Benjamin Franklin

While he might not be a modern movie star, Benjamin Franklin is still a celebrity case worth noting to the public. After suffering from a series of problems ranging from gout to kidney stones, he started using laudanum (a mixture of opium and alcohol) to cope with severe pain. By the time of his death at the age of 84, Franklin was severely addicted to this drug. Strangely enough, though, using large quantities of laudanum was not considered dangerous at the time. During the 18th Century, opium was considered 100% harmless.

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