Anabolic steroids are very confusing drugs. On one hand, these substances are prescribed by doctors to help men deal with physical problems. On the other hand, the same drugs are commonly abused and can also be a source of severe addiction cases. After all, how many stories about bodybuilders, wrestlers, and other athletes being exposed for steroid use have we heard about in the news? When you take a closer look at the world of sports entertainment, though, you can easily see why these men and women are so eager to pump up fast. After all, in a world where bigger is better, size needs to increase as quickly as possible. However, are you familiar with the processes these people will use to inject or consume steroids? Let’s take a closer look and find out some more information.


As the name suggests, “cycling” is the process of using steroids over the course of scheduled periods of time. For example, in this case, steroid users may consume steroids over the course of 6 to 16 weeks, followed by additional weeks of little to no use of the drug. Athletes who perform steroid cycling will often time their drug use in tandem with drug testing. In interviews, people explain that they use cycling to avoid tolerance and dangerous side effects (most of them).


DIFFERENT PROCEDURES FOR TAKING STEROIDSAgain, as the name suggests, “stacking” takes place when a user combines multiple types of steroids (including injectables and pills) to induce a stronger effect. Overall, drug abusers and addicts will use the stacking process to boost the effectiveness of the steroids, although doctors have not officially proven this system works.


In this case, pyramiding takes place when users consume low doses of steroids and eventually work their way up to a stronger concentration of the drugs. After that point, the users will gradually reduce the dosage and repeat the cycle. Scientists have speculated the pyramiding process can take place over a period of 12 weeks.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism

For individuals suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, their suffering will become their family’s suffering and will begin to affect close friends. Imagine the pain of watching someone (who you know has been an intelligent and resourceful person in the past) succumb to a toxin that could easily have been avoided. Needless to say, both the addicts and the loved ones will be angry and sad, but the good news is that everyone can find a source of relief. Even if you suffer from a particularly severe case of addiction, you will be able to find help.

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