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Does Bad Parenting Produce Drug Addicts?

Why Addiction Is a Hereditary Disease

If you are a parent, you probably wish you could gaze into the future to see exactly what your child is going to suffer from, so you can better know how to correct it. Unfortunately, the world is currently out of crystal balls and time-traveling phone booths, so many parents still have to resort to supervising their children on a 24/7, round the clock basis. Imagine how much this power could benefit the mothers and fathers of addicts, though. Many of these men and women blame themselves for their children’s condition, but is that blame rightfully placed? Does parenting, to an extent, determine addictive behavior? Let’s take a closer look and find out some more information.

The Possible Traits of a Young Addict

Remember: all kids are going through a living nightmare as their bodies, brains, and emotions go through a roller coaster of change. As a result, many teens will experience the following behavioral patterns:

  • Risk-taking
  • Seeking new sensations
  • Impulsive tendencies
  • Feelings of hopelessness and sadness
  • Anger and frustration

However, how can a parent determine if their child is just being bratty or if he/she is using drugs, resulting in this behavior?

Parents Are the Best Preventative Measure

Consider the fact that there are many cases of well-groomed, strict, and loving parents whose well-raised children became drug addicts. Ultimately, however, parenting is the most efficient preventative measure on the planet, simply because parents are the first adults their children will meet in life. If they set up parameters and punishments for certain behaviors, mothers and fathers can successfully grill a curiosity for drugs out their children.

Here is some advice for addressing the previous behaviors we mentioned:

  • Risk-taking: Raise your child in an environment where they can explore different tastes and sensations that are positive. For example, take your kids to the zoo or on a camping trip so they can stretch their legs and release that pent-up energy. Spending time as a family (no technology!) is medicine in itself.
  • Anxiety: Diet and lifestyle can lead to depression and anxiety more than anything else. If your teen is feeling a bit anxious or sad, help them cope with these problems without relying on drugs. Help them understand they don’t need chemicals to feel better. Instead, opt for taking them somewhere or just having a parent-child talk.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism   

Alcoholism and drug addiction are dangerous sicknesses that should never be taken lightly. All it takes to fall off the wagon and become sick is to take that first sniff, snort, injection, or shot before you are rolling downhill into insanity. Still, you can always push the train back up, but it will be a difficult hike. However, with the right mixture of perseverance and determination, you can easily get back on track and be happy once more. 

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