At certain times during our childhood, each of us was exposed to the magic and wonderment of Disney cartoons. Whether we were taking a high-flying ride on a magic carpet or plunging beneath the ocean depths to visit an undersea kingdom, each of the classic Disney films brought us nothing but fuzzy feelings of wonderment, humor, and love. However, your perspective of iconic characters probably started to change a bit as you grew up, especially when you noticed the kind of mayhem these people and animals got into. For example, did you ever notice the subtle or obvious drug references that the company has intentionally inserted into their films? Let’s take a closer look at some common scenes from Disney films that probably wouldn’t fly in real life.

The Caterpillar and the Hookah (Alice in Wonderland)

DRUG REFERENCES FROM SOME CLASSIC DISNEY MOVIES Believe it or not, there was a time when smoking was not only considered culturally sound but also regarded as an aspect of high society, and one scene in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland provides a clear example. After following the white rabbit through a door, Alice comes across a blue caterpillar who is smoking on a hookah and attempting to solve the riddle of the universe. In essence, the little bug is high through most of the scene and even “transforms” into another form (symbolism).

Pinocchio and the Cigar (Pinocchio)

Going to a place called Pleasure Island is certainly not the best course of action of a puppet just learning how to be human. Nonetheless, we all remember the classic scene where Pinocchio visits said island and gets into a lot of trouble with delinquent friends. In one scene, Disney even took an extra step by having the little wooden boy and his companion smoke cigars, resulting in Pinocchio’s face changing colors multiple times.

Passing the Peace Pipe (Peter Pan)

Let’s just say the portrayal of the Native Americans in Peter Pan wasn’t the only aspect of this film that people are concerned about today. In the scene after Peter saves Tiger Lily, her father, the Chief, passes around a ceremonial peace pipe to commemorate her return. Needless to say, the kids start to feel a little tipsy after taking a drag.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism

Throughout the decades, many famous people have suffered from severe, and particularly dangerous, cases of drug addiction, sometimes leading to uncomfortably dangerous situations that are plastered across social media and the press. All it takes to fall off the wagon and become sick is to take that first sniff, snort, injection, or shot before you are rolling downhill into insanity. Still, you can always push the train back up, but it will be a difficult trek. However, with the right mixture of perseverance and determination, you can easily get back on track and be happy once more.

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