Substance addiction is a disease that can affect anyone at any time, no matter how successful or seemingly well-off they may be. Perhaps nothing proves this better than the number of well-known celebrities who have publicly struggled with addiction. A common thread among interviews with these celebrities is the prominent role that enabling behavior plays in the development and maintenance of their addiction.

Famed guitarist Eric Clapton, who has long been open about his struggles with alcohol and cocaine addictions, has explained that his fame and celebrity had caused the people around him to become extremely deferential which, in turn, allowed him to maintain his addiction without being challenged. While Eric Clapton was fortunate enough to have a manager who encouraged him to get treatment, many celebrities do not.

Indeed, the monetary incentives in both Hollywood and the music industry not only induce the deference of loved ones and business associates but even encourage proactive enabling behavior, like attempts to hide the person’s substance use or cover for their problematic actions.

As substance addiction is a progressive disease, failure to address substance use problems as soon as they arise can make the situation worse and have devastating consequences, and it is recommended that individuals struggling with a substance addiction seek professional treatment and counseling at the earliest possible opportunity.

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