Since the legalization of marijuana in several U.S. States, the marijuana community has exploded into a breeding ground of bizarre activities. April 20th, in particular, is the designated “pot day” or “weed holiday” for cannabis aficionados from the mountains of San Francisco, California to the beaches of Queensland, Australia. Restaurants and wine companies have also shown support for the drug through the promotion of weed-based food products and artisan marijuana, respectively. Meanwhile, the month of October has entered the fray of pot celebrations. Let’s take a closer look and see why this is happening.

Harvest Festival for Weed

EXPLORING THE MONTH OF #CROPTOBER IN THE MARIJUANA COMMUNITYLet’s just say that Halloween is not the only popular holiday this month, at least not for pot lovers. Now, it is the time of #Croptober, but this is more than just a hashtag.

In fact, people have been celebrating the annual harvest of outdoor marijuana for years. Around the same time as wine grapes, millions of cannabis buds have begun to ripen in cultivated fields, surrounded by amber autumn forests. On October 1, 2018, farmers in states that have legalized marijuana were gathering pound after pound of their precious crop.

Interestingly, marijuana is one of the easiest plants to maintain. At this time, Northern California is the single strongest domestic source for the crop. Likewise, Mexico is the strongest international source, but all the crops we receive from this country fall in the black market category.

Some Facts about Cannabis Flowering

Despite the popularity of the drug, most people participating in growing the drug during #Croptober may not know all the details about the plants they are cultivating. Here are some interesting points about this drug:

  • Cannabis is an annual plant that grows into a 15-foot tall tree after 10 months.
  • The growth of flower buds is synchronized with the onset of shorter days in fall.
  • The most fertile cannabis plants are female (containing 30% raw THC).
  • Marijuana produces terpenes (fragrant oils) in unison with THC, cannabidiol, and additional cannabinoids in the plant.

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