Marijuana is an unusual little plant, isn’t it? What started as an herbal supplement in ancient Eurasia eventually blossomed into a marvel of modern medicine and religious practice. Now, in the modern age, pot has become one of the most controversial drugs on the market. For a perfect example of the polarized opinions harbored toward this herb, look no further than the shores of our home country the United States. Over half of America has legalized the plant for medical purposes, while the other half still says “no” or “maybe.” However, did you know that one cousin of marijuana is actually used for medicine and textiles and is 100% legal? In fact, you could argue that the past efforts of famous Americans actually help this little herb take root (no pun intended) in modern America. Let’s take a closer look at some famous people who paved the way for the production of hemp.

President George Washington

You may not be surprised that many of our Founding Fathers farmed hemp, but President George Washington promoted the industrial quality of the little plant. In a letter to his farm manager William Pearce in 1794, our nation’s first president urged him to make the most of this herb and plant it anywhere that is suitable. Mostly, President Washington grew the plant at the Monticello site, resulting in the huge stock of Mount Vernon hemp that thrives to this day.

Sister Mary Etienne Tibeau

Connected with the Mount Mercy Junior College (Cedar Rapids, Iowa), Sister Mary Etienne Tibeau was a Catholic nun who wrote a detailed study about the benefits of hemp in Plant Physiology (1936). In her report (Time Factor in Utilization of Mineral Nutrients by Hemp), she studied the nutrient solutions that would best contribute to the most high-quality growth conditions for this plant. Some supporters even referred to her as the “Mother Superior” of marijuana growers.

Alex White Plume

A member of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (South Dakota), Alex White Plume has spent a majority of his life advocating the benefits of hemp growth and promoting the farming of this plant as an alternative means of income for Native Americans on his reservation. In 1998, he spoke with representatives of the Oglala Sioux Tribe to protect hemp from falling under the same ban as marijuana on reservation lands. Even though federal officials hacked down the plants, White Plume continued to plant this non-psychoactive little herb.

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

Keep in mind that hemp is the less dangerous form of marijuana, but you should still exercise caution around any plants involved in the cannabis family. Recall that hemp is an industrial-grade herb that is primarily used for textiles and other products.

Although the herb might be marketed as an alternative medicine and can help people suffering from HIV/AIDS and cancer, you have to remember that healthy people can still fall victim to this herb’s psychoactive properties. Marijuana addiction is rare, but it can happen. Do you want to take that chance? If you are trying to beat marijuana abuse or have a friend or family member who is coping with this terrible problem, get in touch with Asana Recovery today. Our professional team of counselors and healthcare experts will help you endure the painful process detox and withdrawal and guide you through each step of rehabilitation to help you separate yourself from these substances.

If you want to find out more about our residential treatment or supervised detoxification/withdrawal programs or enroll in one of these programs today, we are ready and waiting to speak with you at your leisure and your disclosure. Call Asana now at (949) 438-4504 to learn how you can kick your marijuana use to the curb.


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