Symptoms of alcoholic liver disease can vary depending on the individual’s liver function. Your liver performs over 500 vital functions in order to keep the body running. However, when the liver becomes damaged, it often causes problems in other parts of the body.

Alcoholic liver disease symptoms are split into two categories: acute and post-acute. Acute symptoms can be a bit more tricky to identify because they are fairly general and can have many possible causes. Post-acute symptoms are more obvious when the liver becomes unable to repair itself as quickly due to excess alcohol consumption destroying it.

Acute Symptoms:

  • Stomach pain

  • Diarrhea

  • decreased appetite and weight loss

  • Fatigue and loss of energy

  • Nausea and vomiting



Post-Acute Symptoms:

  • Fluid buildup in the legs or abdomen

  • Yellow tint in the eyes or skin

  • Redness in the palms of hands

  • Easily bruising and abnormal bleeding

  • Confusion or difficulty concentrating

  • Pale or clay-colored stools

Symptoms change depending on the type of alcoholic liver disease a person is currently experiencing. In general, there are four kinds of alcoholic liver disease, with each representing a different stage of liver damage:

  • Alcoholic fatty liver disease (steatosis): Extra fat begins accumulating around the liver; heavy drinking damages liver cells, causing them to be less functional and unable to break down excess fat.

  • Acute alcoholic hepatitis: Chronic alcohol abuse causes the liver to inflame and swell; acute alcoholic hepatitis can develop in women after four or more drinks, and in men after five or more drinks. 


  • Alcoholic liver fibrosis: Certain types of proteins start to compile in the liver, (including collagen). Mild to moderate cases of fibrosis may sometimes be reversible, but continuous fibrosis and inflammation can lead to scarring of the liver and possibly liver cancer.


  • Alcoholic cirrhosis: The most advanced stage of alcoholic liver disease; once a person reaches this stage, the liver has been permanently scarred and damaged by alcohol abuse, and if left untreated, this condition can be a doorway to liver failure.

At Asana Recovery we understand the hardships that accompany recovering from these addictions, through our daily work aiming to help those struggling most from the disease. The road ahead is not one that is easy or without obstacles, but it can be traversed if you’re supported by the right team. Counseling and aftercare processes can greatly assist you by helping you address any and all facets that lead you to addiction, and teach you how to create a structure to better cope with life, minus succumbing to addiction.


The supervised detox programs and residential treatment in California at Asana Recovery are offered in an atmosphere that is supportive and inspiring. We are sincerely committed to seeing you through to a lifelong recovery while guiding you on the path to a much brighter future. There is never a wrong time to reach out, as we’re always available to chat with you. Call us at (949) 438-4504 to learn more details about our drug and alcohol addiction treatment in California today!



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