Recovery can be intimidating. When you are fresh out of detox, the thought of indefinite sobriety can seem impossible. You may be filled with self-doubt or even regret. Thoughts of your relationships or of your own willpower may come into question. Here are five common anxieties about the recovery process, and why you should not fear them.


The first fear is the fear of guilt. Somewhere along the path of recovery, you will realize that no matter what others have done, or how powerless we may feel, there are plenty of things we bear the blame for. Regardless if this feels uncomfortable, it is something that must be processed. However, admission of wrongdoing paired with a sincere apology earns you a new respect for which you cannot falsify. While your pride may initially suffer a blow, you will ultimately be a stronger person for admitting failure.


The second fear is the fear of major life changes. Thoughts of the unknown can breed terror in some people; fear of being FEARS SURROUNDING RECOVERY tempted back into addiction, giving up long-time friends, or saying by to an old favorite past time. Transitions, even positive ones, can be scary. To keep this from becoming too overwhelming, be sure to keep your physical health up by eating right and working out. It is also crucial to care for yourself and spend time being gentle and easing yourself back into your day to day routine. On top of this, do not change more than you need to because this will reduce the potential shock you can feel.


The third anxiety you may experience as a newly recovering addict is the fear of setting goals, whether they be too lofty or too low. Sobriety gives people a new persona and appreciation for goals and dreams. However, this can be blended with the worry that they have already “wasted the best years of my life”. The myth that youth is the only way to be successful has long been debunked. By breaking down overwhelming goals into bite-sized tasks, you can make big projects or ambitions seem more manageable.


The last common phobia new-addict recoverees experience is the fear of failing. You may be familiar with the phrase, life is a marathon and not a sprint. This is entirely applicable to recovery. Instead of viewing things in the macro lens, take a step forward and look at your progress achievements as end goals in themselves. It is unrealistic to think you will never fail again, and it can quickly be a humbling experience if you experience a hiccup in your journey.


By using coping techniques taught in Asana Recovery is to appreciate even the smallest of baby steps you take. At our treatment facility, we enable all of our patients with the techniques they need to mitigate the temptations and negative self-talk they might experience. If you or a loved one is learning how to live life sober, or wants to begin their journey, call us at (949) 438-4504 for a consultation.