Based on the recent turn of events across the nation, it is apparent that people love to experiment with the recently-legalized and ultimately popularized marijuana. Honey butter and hash oil are constructed to achieve an unusually strong “high” due to strong THC content. Meanwhile, Arizona is playing host to the first restaurant with weed-based foods (including pizza). On another note, people love to purchase baked goods to achieve a slower, drawn-out mood-altering experience. Sure, these users are playing around with marijuana’s effects on their bodies, but what about the bodies of their animals? In fact, marijuana for animals has become something of a bizarre sensation to many health experts. Let’s take a closer look at this strange medication and see how it affects dogs and cats, some of our most beloved furry friends.

The Science of Medical Marijuana for Pets

GIVING CANNABIS TO FURRY FRIENDSUnfortunately, scientists still know very little about the effectiveness of medical marijuana for pets, a growing trend among groups of owners in the country. Like humans, the idea of giving weed to cats and dogs is complex. Peer reviews on the subject are greatly lacking, particularly relating to whether the drug can be harmful to humans and pets. However, in recent months, scientists may begin to change this slow pace in the medical marijuana debate.

In July 2018, researchers conducted the first clinical study focusing on how medical marijuana affects dogs suffering from arthritis. Led by a researcher from Cornell University, the study involved the use of a cannabinoid product laced with hemp oil (produced by ElleVet Sciences). Afterward, scientists discovered that 80% of the tested dogs experienced improvements in mobility and pain tolerance.

What’s Stopping You?

Regardless of the study, veterinarians still cannot prescribe medical marijuana to animals. While each state retains a veterinary board, all vets (and their clinics) fall under the federal rules about marijuana, a potentially hazardous drug. For example, while California has legalized recreational and medical cannabis, California veterinarians cannot offer the drug to pets.

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