Opioids can be terrifying, in every meaning of the word. On one side of the board, you have legal drugs like OxyContin and codeine (typically used as painkillers), which are attainable via prescription. On the other hand, you have illegal drugs like heroin and carfentanil (a deadly fentanyl derivative used to tranquilize massive animals like elephants). According to police officers across the country, however, there is an even more dangerous substance that combines four deadly opioids? Even worse, it has been responsible for deaths across several U.S. states. Let’s take a closer look at the aggressive and mysterious drug appropriately called “Gray Death.”

A Ghostly Killer

GRAY DEATH RESPONSIBLE FOR STRING OF DRUG-RELATED DEATHS IN THREE U.S. STATESBack in 2017, authorities reported a string of deaths related to multiple overdoses on an opioid concoction in the South, and the mixture started appearing in Alabama, Ohio, and Pennsylvania in a recent turn of events. Specifically, the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia was a prime spot for these incidences. Even more frightening, police officers and detectives had no idea where this drug was coming from or how it was constructed (at least, at the time).

Tagged Gray Death, this drug resembles concrete mixing powder and contains lethal doses of fentanyl, heroin, carfentanil (an elephant tranquilizer), and U-47700. As of now, authorities are not sure what mixture is required to create the drug. Presently, Gray Death is created in underground laboratories and dispensed through hidden channels. Even forensic experts are baffled about its chemical signature. An investigator from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab revealed that she cannot determine why it is gray. Even more disturbing, scientists cannot effectively detect some of the drugs in Gray Death, as they may not appear in rigorous tests. The concoction is literally and figuratively a ghostly killer.

Side Effects

What authorities are positive about is the drug’s potency. Touching a small portion of the drug can result in violent side effects or death. Authorities specifically warn drug specialists to handle Gray Death with care, as the chemicals can be absorbed through the skin. In Auburn, Alabama a man attempted to resuscitate another before suffering from an overdose himself.

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