Living in the Hollywood spotlight might be a dream come true for a child, but imagine the excitement of being cast to play one of the most iconic boy wizards in literature? Since 2001, Daniel Radcliffe took the world by storm in his role as Harry Potter and enchanted audiences with his childlike charm and quirky screen presence. Even today, he is known exclusively for this role. In a sense, though, he truly has fit the title of the “Boy Who Lived,” particularly when you look back at his love for the wild side of life. Once a lover of hard parties and wild nights, Radcliffe has now come clean and has started to enjoy the sober life. Let’s take a closer look at his perspective on alcohol problems.

Escape from Self-Consciousness

Although Radcliffe had recently opened up about his sobriety in 2012, he shed more light about his reasons for turning to the bottle in a 2015 Playboy interview. In talking about his post-Harry Potter fame, he explains how he was hounded by cameras (even when he went out to dance), which would make him instinctively feel overwhelmingly self-conscious. Radcliffe’s answer, in short, was to drown out this self-consciousness by (as you may have guessed) turning to booze.

In fact, in 2014, Radcliffe regarded himself as a sloppy drunk with a loud mouth.

Maintaining a Proper Image

“HARRY POTTER” STAR DANIEL RADCLIFFE TALKS ABOUT HIS ALCOHOL PROBLEMSLater, in the interview, Radcliffe talks about a very important problem for recovering alcohol users: avoiding public scrutiny. Although he was completely honest about his problems, the actor voiced concern about the paparazzi and gossip channels taking this news and running with it. (Let’s not leave out the infamously cruel headline that stated Radcliffe was drunk while filming Harry Potter.)

We are happy to say, though, that Radcliffe’s courage has made him even more popular. In fact, none of his fans seem to abandoning him. Perhaps he truly is the Boy Who Lived.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse or Alcoholism

Although you might be tempted by the life of hard partying and risk-taking, you have to remember that alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet and can trigger severe cases of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Let’s also not forget the string of health problems that can inflict severe pain and possibly affect you for the rest of your life. Still, you must remember that you can prevent all of this destruction. With a little patience and resilience, you can battle your alcohol use disorder and get clean.

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