Can a life of sobriety be fun? It sure can!

You do not need to give up a life of fun solely because you are in recovery; however, you need to learn how to feel pleasure in your life without illicit drugs or alcohol. This may seem like an impossible task, but there are various things you can do to live a healthy and healthy life while sober.

Dealing with Triggers

Without a doubt, there will be things you encounter that create an intense urge to use. These cravings are going to happen, so you need to be prepared. Relapse is extremely common for individuals that attempt to return into their old lives without developing adequate coping skills. In order to protect yourself against triggers, it is important for you to get to the bottom of your addiction and understand what leads you to it to begin with.

For a lot of users, triggers are:

  • Negative emotions they cannot properly deal with – anger, anxiety, fear, and frustration and some of the most common among addicts.
  • Interacting with familiar faces – Your old circle of friends may still be involved in using, which can tempt you to go back.
  • Sounds, smells, or sights that are drug or alcohol related – the sound of a lighter, smell of a cigarette, or sight of an advertisement may stir up some unaddressed emotions hardwired into your brain.

Asana Recovery

One way you can prevent relapsing is to avoid these situations until you are ready. Relapse is not inevitable. You need to redefine what fun is for you. If you cannot go to a club or social gathering without being triggered, then do not go.

Instead of returning to the same habits you had prior to seeking help, try engaging in new activities. Physical activity is often an excellent tool used to help keep addicts sober. Join a sports team, get a gym membership, or go hiking. Each of these will greatly improve your health both physically and mentally.

Consider finding new sober friends. Having friends that choose healthy lifestyles can influence you to do the same. Go visit a zoo or an aquarium, explore new hobbies or talents, or have a sober party at your house with all your friends. Some addicts find it very beneficial to join a book club or volunteer in their local communities. Each of these activities works by helping addicts develop a new and positive outlook. They are more active and involved and able to maintain a positive outlook.

Just because you dealt with addiction does not mean you have to stay trapped in the cycle to have a good time. At Asana Recovery, we help addicts find new things they can enjoy without harming themselves. Our inpatient treatment helps patients explore art, music, and engage in physical activities to improve their lives. Helping addicts develop both mentally and physically goes a long way for a life of sobriety. Call us today at (949) 416-3341 to get started having fun today without the harm.


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