When you lay the cards on the table, you can definitely see that the marijuana phenomenon (as it deserves to be called) is leaving a massive green mark on our country. Besides recent efforts to explore the drug’s medical benefits, the public has developed sub-communities all devoted to the practices of farming, selling, distributing, smoking, and eating this psychoactive, calming little plant. Recently, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson announced he would be producing a show about farming the plant. Meanwhile, legendary director Francis Ford Coppola has paired cannabis with his wine brand to pay homage to the different climates of Northern California. So what else could possibly happen? Let’s just say real estate developers in the Los Angeles area can easily answer that question. Pack your running shoes and sunglasses as we take a closer look at how one professional is taking the marijuana lifestyle to the next level of crazy.

Marijuana Mansions

HOW A LOS ANGELES REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER IS TAKING MARIJUANA LIFESTYLES TO THE NEXT LEVELIn a recent story featured in TMZ, Ray Nostrati (founder of Huntington Estate Properties) has planned to develop high-quality homes for celebrities who revel in the marijuana lifestyle. Specifically, his company will create these homes for athletes, celebrities, and executives who embrace the little green plant. For over a decade, Nostrati has erected some of the finest mansions in Southern California and has always added his unique mark on each house. Some unique features of his mansions are bowling alleys, screening rooms, and secret passageways.

So what will the marijuana mansions include? First of all, each house will include a “cannabis conservatory,” where owners can cultivate private batches of marijuana. Next, this chamber will open onto an infinity pool and provide owners and visitors with a gorgeous view of the L.A. skyline. Likewise, Nostrati will be providing places for “hanging out” and include space for bongs.

Cannabis Conservatories

Still, how will professional athletes, actors, directors, musicians, and executives find time to grow marijuana when they have such busy schedules? Nostrati has that covered, too. Each conservatory will have a personal harvester on staff to take care of the weed while the boss is away. Even more interesting, if the owners do not want to use the conservatory for marijuana, they can plant vegetables and fruits.

So, what is the bad news? Each house will cost $30 to $40 million on the market.

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