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Drunk driving is a serious crime in our country, and in arguably one of the most dangerous. Imagine how difficult it can be for a drunk person to walk or think and picture that person getting behind the wheel of a car. Hundreds of thousands of innocents are caught in the wake of these accidents, but one particular event may be changing the landscape of DWI assessment (but not in a good way). According to a recent news report, a popular traffic app is allowing people to sidestep checkpoints (for monitoring impaired drivers) and speed through residential areas. Needless to say, the public and law enforcement are not pleased, for good reasons. Let’s take a closer look and find out some more information.

Major Inconveniences

Based on a report, Waze (a popular traffic app for your phone) has taken a bit of a strange turn and has been causing trouble for law enforcement. How is this possible? Overall, the app is providing feedback that alerts drivers about inconveniences on the roadway, which just so happen to include DWI checkpoints. After retrieving a copy of the alert, reporters explained how the New York Police Department is insisting that the Waze app is not only making the roadways more dangerous for drivers but also might be dancing on the other side of the law.

A Statement of Injustice

As indicated by the report from CBS New York, the NYPD proclaimed that individuals who are revealing the locations of these DWI checkpoints are engaging in a form of criminal activity. Overall, the information programmed into Waze is allowing people to sidestep DWI laws (which keep the public safe from this dangerous drug and impaired drivers) and take part in other criminal offenses. Although we cannot confirm if additional crimes took place, we can definitely guarantee that this situation does not spell a happy driving time, especially if drinkers are squeezing through DWI loopholes.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Alcohol is a nationwide problem that (in all honesty) does not appear to be losing steam, especially when you take a look at this drug’s popularity in bars, restaurants, and (shockingly) amusement parks. Booze has become as much of an American icon as New York hot dogs and football, which is not exactly the best prospect when you consider that millions of people are exposed to this drug on a daily basis. As we have seen, certain applications have now allowed drunk drivers to reroute to avoid police checkpoints, only making the roadways more dangerous for innocent motorists and pedestrians. Take the right step towards preventing alcohol from endangering your health and well-being.

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