On our planet, not two human beings are alike. In essence, we are a collective of unique, individual creatures, meaning we can potentially experience a unique set of problems. In that light, when people start using potentially addictive and harmful drugs, some individuals may suffer from annoying side effects while others can suffer from tremendous dangerous scares. One particularly infamous result of drug use is a stroke (especially among young people, who do not suffer form health problems that can also trigger this incident). From blood vessel constriction to asphyxiation, drugs can trigger strokes in many different ways. Let’s take a closer look at some examples and find out some more information.


HOW ALCOHOL AND DRUGS CAN TRIGGER STROKESAlthough small quantities of red wine (specifically a glass per night) may prevent strokes and heart attacks, excessive alcohol use and alcoholism can boost the tendency toward suffering this major health emergency. One particularly common occurrence among frequent and heavy alcohol consumers is the hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding in the brain). Ultimately, medical professionals believe that high blood pressure combined with a decreased “clotting ability” can lead to these dangerous strokes.


Overall, people can suffer strokes while using cocaine or in the period after achieving a “high.” Doctors also warn how this stimulant can trigger cerebrovascular disease (which can drastically boost the chances of a person suffering a stroke). Typically, cocaine increases a person’s stroke risk by increasing blood pressure (resulting in brain bleeding), triggering spasms in the blood vessels, or heart valve infections (from unclean needles).


Various reports have confirmed how amphetamines use precedes a stroke (even for seemingly healthy people who have never been at risk for this health crisis). Methamphetamine (including crystal meth), in particular, is a notorious trigger for strokes, as it raises a person’s blood pressure to dangerously high levels. As a result of consuming this drug, people will suffer from abnormal blood function and poor heart performance.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, and Addiction

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