Simply put, the United States suffers from an alcoholic problem. Besides claiming about 100,000 lives on a yearly basis, excessive drinking (and alcoholism) cost the U.S. taxpayers, members of the government, and members of the alcohol industry itself an estimated $249 billion in yearly expenditures (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta report). On a smaller scale, these intoxicating beverages cost roughly $807 per American citizen, amounting to about $2.05 per standard drink. (Now, you might be able to see how treatment for alcohol use not only helps your mind and body but also saves your pocketbooks.) Simply put, booze is draining us blind. Let’s take a closer look at how alcoholic problems affect the U.S. economy.

Burden on Taxpayers and the Government

Based on reports in 2016, the situation does not appear to be improving. In fact, the CDC confirmed that federal and state governments paid for roughly $100.7 billion (about 2 out of 5 dollars) of this total cost ($249 billion), while 75% of this cost ($191 billion) stemmed from binge drinking. Meanwhile, $24.5 billion of this cost was caused by underage drinking, while an additional $5.5 billion of the total stemmed from alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Ultimately, researchers discovered that most of these losses to the economy were directly linked to workplace productivity and healthcare problems:

  • 72%: workplace absenteeism, worker’s compensation, Social Security (including disability), and unemployment.
  • 11%: emergency/hospital treatment, alcohol rehabilitation, pediatric care (for alcohol-induced problems), treatment for liver conditions (cirrhosis, liver cancer)
  • 10%: criminal justice system
  • 5%: motor vehicle accidents

What Each State Pays

HOW ALCOHOLIC PROBLEMS AFFECT THE UNITED STATES ECONOMYIn regards to the impact of alcohol on regions of the U.S., officials have estimated the median cost per state as roughly $3.5 billion. In that light, roughly 70% of the total was related to binge drinking costs, while 40% of the cases received coverage from the federal government. Here are some examples, using the highest and lowest costs per state:

  • North Dakota: $448 million
  • California: $35 billion
  • Washington D.C.: $1,526 (per capita)
  • New Mexico: $2.77 per drink (highest in the nation)

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

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