Although it might contain some of the busiest cities on the planet, the continent of Australia is actually home to one of the most rugged, dangerous, and widespread stretches of rural and wild territory on the planet. Where else can you see a bustling harbor and a beautiful opera house and then (a few turns later) wind up in the steaming heat of the rainforests, Blue Mountains, and (of course) the Outback. Although we can appreciate a country that has adopted the wilderness as a cultural icon, Australia is still trying to manage problems with drug dependency in these rural, sparsely inhabited portions of the landscape. After all, providing medical care and therapy to people who live deep in the middle of nowhere can be a bit of a problem for doctors and other medical professionals. Let’s take a closer look at how Australia is tacking drug dependency in rural areas.

A Wild Drug Epidemic

HOW AUSTRALIA IS TACKLING DRUG DEPENDENCY IN RURAL AREAS Take a look at recent cases in rural Australia, and you will quickly see why the country is suffering from a major drug epidemic in its rural locations. According to one report, a woman living in a small city near Queensland constructed a metal cage and locked her son inside it in a desperate attempt to cure his addiction to ice (a form of crystal meth). In fact, one town near New South Wales has such a large supply of this dangerous stimulant that it has been called Little Antarctica. Even worse, residents of these rural towns are frequently abusing fentanyl, a drug that has been causing a boatload of trouble for Australia.

Calling All General Practitioners!

In a recent interview with newsGP, Dr. Mary Ross (a general practitioner in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales) explains how a lack of transportation and ensuing isolation triggers the brunt of these drug problems, but GPs will ultimately serve as the liaison between small communities and big-scale medical programs. As Associate Professor Ayman Shenouda (RACGP Vice President and Chair of RACGP Rural) explains, some GPs are required to receive training at big city hospitals (a huge problem for rural patients), so he suggests that medical officials establish locums in each small town or community. Ultimately though, Dr. Ross confirms that patient honesty and sympathy from a doctor will help diminish these drug problems.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, or Addiction

Drugs like ice and fentanyl are not only major problems for residents of Australia but also pose a threat to us back in the United States. If you, a friend, or loved one is suffering from a severe case of alcohol use or drug use, get in touch with Asana Recovery today. Our professional team of counselors and healthcare experts will help you endure the painful process detox and withdrawal and guide you through each step of the rehabilitation process to help you separate yourself from these substances. The time to take back control of your life is now.

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