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How Brazil’s Opioid Problems Are Getting Worse

How Brazil’s Opioid Problems Are Getting Worse

As we Americans continue to fight the ever-growing fire of opioid addiction on our turf, more countries are facing raging dumpster fires of pain and irritation of a different sort. For example, Canada is currently rivaling the U.S. in terms of neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), while Australia is trying to put a stop to opioid shipments before an actual crisis takes root. However, one continent that seems to slip away from media is one that is also an epicenter for the North American opioid problem: South America. One country in this region that deserves mentioning is Brazil, a nation that is currently being ravaged by a downward spiral of opioid problems. Let’s take a closer look at this beautiful country and see how this emergency has gotten out of hand.

Fixing Our Neighbors’ Problems

Ultimately, Brazil is in a bit of a geographical pickle when it comes to its opioid epidemic. On one side of the equation, its neighbor Uruguay has completely legalized the little green plant marijuana. On the other hand, shipments of fentanyl, heroin, and other deadly opioids are continuously pouring into this lovely country and leaving a fiery path of destruction. While attempting to fix its neighbors’ problems, Brazil is concerned that opioids are becoming ever-more popular among young adults.

Each time Brazilian officials turn their heads, more people are dropping dead after consuming heroin laced with fentanyl, crystal meth, and other dangerous drugs.

Addressing the Crisis

At a recent meeting, Professor William Crano, member of the Divison of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences at Claremont Graduate University, traveled to Brazil to gain a better perspective on the brewing crisis. In short, he described this situation as nothing short of catastrophic. Crano explains how Brazilians have no idea how to confront the widespread use of opioids, and prevention models are not providing ideal evidence for medical professionals.

Crano did, however, make an excellent point at the meeting. He explains how focusing on treatment is not the key. Brazilian doctors and addiction specialists have to focus on providing tips for prevention. Cleaning up the problem is noble, but the country must first confront the problem at its source. Knowledge, after all, is power.

Seeking Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

Opioid use disorder is easily one of the most terrifying substance use disorders on the planet, mostly because opioid addiction partially stems from a large number of drugs that are legally regulated by the federal government. For decades, our country has suffered beneath the weight of dangerous synthetics and legal painkillers, and millions of Americans have suffered from addiction throughout the 20 years the crisis has been brewing. However, you can make the right decision by taking a stand against your addiction and regaining your health and happiness.

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