If they could have peered into the future, the people who first used marijuana over 10,000 years ago would probably be baffled by the different uses for the fragrant little plant today. From perfumes and lipsticks to gummy bears and sodas, cannabis has been marketed as a viable food source and an ingredient in cosmetics (strangely enough). Celebrities have jumped on the marijuana bandwagon, lawmakers have shown staunch support, and even the Mormon Church (yes, that one) has approved the use of the plant. Even more interesting, a celebrity chef has virtually changed the way we perceive medical marijuana through her charm and positive demeanor. Let’s take a look at how Deliciously Dee is transforming the face of medicinal foods infused with pot.

It Started with Candy

The path to fame can start in very unusual spots. In the case of Deliciously Dee (Danielle Russell), her career spawned after she shared a bag of her homemade pot-infused candy with three famous rappers: Too Short, Flava Flav, and B-Real. In fact, Too Short loved the candy so much that he took the whole bag, and Dee had to use napkins to give the rest of the treats to B-Real and Flava. One little napkin containing her contact information opened the floodgates to stardom for Dee.

The Happy Chef

After a few more email exchanges and meetings, B-Real produced Dee’s first cookbook The Happy Chef as an add-on digital download on his album The Prescription. Overall, the recipes in the book are simple and easy-to-make and include Dr. Greenthumb’s guacamole, Cypress Kale, and (of course) Dee’s gummy candies.

Unique Perspective on Drugs

Interestingly enough, Dee has a very restricted view on drugs, due largely in part to her sister overdosing from opioids in 2009. Deep down, she is a naturalist who believes in the healing power of herbs, and she has not taken Aspirin in almost ten years. In 2016, Dee was the first licensed distributor of medical marijuana in Nevada, when the state legalized the drug. Despite the repercussions of marijuana, Dee still exercises caution.

One of her most notable appearances was on Snoop Dogg’s Cooking on High (Netflix).

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