If you have been keeping up with drugs in the news lately, you may be aware of the big rage of CBD, one of the primary cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. Ever since the great marijuana debate picked up speed over the past couple of years, CBD oils and medications have been all the rage. Even the U.S. government recently legalized Epidiolex, an uncontrolled pharmaceutical drug designed to suppress rare forms of epilepsy. Nowadays, this special mixture is even dropped in coffee, tea, and cosmetics. Although we cannot fully confirm that CBD is a perfect alternative to different types of medication, researchers have explained that this cannabinoid can interact with other types of meds. Let’s take a closer look at how cannabidiol clashes with other drugs.

A Harmful Alternative

HOW DOES CANNABIDIOL INTERACT WITH OTHER MEDICATIONS?In short, CBD can potentially produce dangerous side effects after interacting with types of drugs for epilepsy, heart medication, and anticoagulants (among others). According to Dr. Jordan Tishler (President of InhaleMD), these interactions mostly take place when CBD is set at therapeutic doses (from 10 to 20 milligrams per kilogram). So, how can you tell if your medication will clash with CBD and vice versa? Based on reports, all you have to do is confirm you cannot take grapefruit with your current pills. If you cannot consume this fruit, then you cannot consume CBD.

Similar to Grapefruit

So, how is CBD similar to the grapefruit? Overall, the cytochrome P450 system (a cluster of enzymes) break down toxins in the liver before passing this sludge onto the kidneys, where the toxins are passed in urine. According to Healing with CBD, these enzymes also break down 60% of pharmaceutical drugs. Here is where the problems hits, though: when more than one drug uses the P450 pathway, the system experiences an overload. In essence, grapefruits block the cytochrome pathway, preventing drugs from being metabolized and functioning properly, and CBD works in the exact same way.

Keep in mind, however, that the studies of CBD are still limited, and more information needs to be uncovered.

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

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