Ultimately, we are quick to assume that a mother is an essential part of her child’s life and one of the most important guides for social and emotional development, but, despite the obvious importance of the maternal figure, what about the paternal figure? After all, a father also plays a significantly important role as a teacher and a leader, as well. In fact, our fathers can naturally teach us life lessons that our mothers cannot. So, you will not be surprised (in the least) to hear how an addict father can have a detrimental effect on his children. In fact, men who commonly abused alcohol or suffered from alcoholism when their children were young will be surprised to see that their children can also fall victim to this same mental illness (as well as a hoard of emotional and behavioral problems). Let’s take a closer look and find out how fathers who excessively drink alcohol can hurt their children.

A Stint on Cognitive and Emotional Development

According to medical studies, alcohol use disorder plays a significant role in impeding children’s development, but this mental illness is not the only factor. Other problems like the father’s depression or aggression can also stunt a child’s psychological growth. As noted in the Research Institute on Addictions (RIA) at the University of Buffalo, children who live with alcohol-abusing or alcoholic fathers will tend to suffer from severe emotional, cognitive, and social problems as they grow.

The Control Group Says It All

HOW FATHERS WHO EXCESSIVELY DRINK ALCOHOL CAN HURT THEIR CHILDRENAs part of a study conducted by the RIA, Dr. Kenneth Leonard and his team studied a group of children across 12, 18, and 24 months of age who were being raised by alcohol-abusing fathers. In a natural setting, the scientists observed the children spending time with their parents and made the following observations:

  • 12-Month Stage: The fathers spoke negatively and angrily and rarely spent time their little ones, instead opting for aggressive confrontation with the children.
  • 18-Month Stage: The children clearly suffered from anxiety and depression and threw more tantrums than regular children their age.

Further studies indicate that, as these children age, they will have a higher tendency towards suicide, difficulties with interpersonal communication, and (worst of all) a tendency to develop substance abuse or addiction like their fathers.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder

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