Back in the early days of the hit-program Saturday Night Live, one of the most iconic elements of backstage life was (ironically) marijuana. At least, that is how Jim Belushi (brother of one of SNL’s founding cast members, John Belushi) described the situation. In fact, the famous actors and musician specifically mentioned the “Captain Jack” strain as one of the most popular drugs backstage, ultimately making the set smell like a pizza store. Ironically, though at the height of weed culture, Belushi has taken a new interest in the little green plant for personal and social reasons. How is he planning to enter the marijuana industry? Let’s take a closer look at Belushi’s plans and find out some more information.

Tragic Past Meets Hopeful Future

Soon, Belushi plans to release strains of Captain Jack marijuana through Belushi’s Farm, his private facility located in Eagle Point, Oregon. However, looking back on his past, the actor wishes he could have convinced his brother to take up pot smoking instead of taking the dangerous path that resulted in his death.

Rather than using marijuana, his brother John Belushi decided to experiment with harder types of drugs. Ultimately, the comedian died from a toxic mixture of cocaine and heroin (a speedball of sorts), which had frequently been responsible for brining other great talents to an end. Rather than dwelling on the past, though, Jim Belushi is using his brother’s experience as fuel to make the world better.

How does he plan to do this? Based on sources, Belushi will be opening the first opiates-for-cannabis trade-in program in an effort to stop the Opioid Crisis (and the drugs that killed his brother).

Picking up the Pieces, One Person at a Time

HOW JIM BELUSHI IS TAKING PART IN THE MARIJUANA INDUSTRYAccording to Belushi, the death of John is still a tragic impact after 35 years. At the time of the incident, his family was completely destroyed, and he is now witnessing thousands of families having to go through the same terrible accidents (due to opioids). However, Belushi is adamant that if more people had accepted marijuana in the 70s, his brother John and many more people would be alive to this day. Now, he is confident that doctors can break down the healthier elements of weed and give them to patients in need of alternative therapy.

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