Ultimately, no one uses cannabis in the same way as another person. Ranging from an occasional smoke to full-blown daily consumption (for medical purposes), the way people decided to use marijuana can vary as much as fashion trends on Madison and 5th Avenue in NYC. However, when it comes to the Christmas season, all sorts of fads and favorite items begin to increase in popularity as the time of giving (and spending) comes screeching around the corner. While some people might turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism for sadness during the holidays, though, marijuana is a completely different story. At least, that is what members of the weed community have to say in the little green plant’s defense. Obviously, with a long lineup of legal markets emerging over the past couple of years, some stockings will be filled with treats that have a bit more of a kick than people are looking for. Let’s take a closer look at how marijuana consumption changes during the Christmas season.

Dabbing with Data Trends

HOW MARIJUANA CONSUMPTION CHANGES DURING THE CHRISTMAS SEASONBased on a poll conducted by Branded Research, about one-third of marijuana users will completely increase their overall consumption of the herb during Christmastime. When you add gender as a factor, an estimated 39% of men confirmed they will be using more weed during this time than women, whose use is projected to increase by 26%. Likewise, younger people will be using the drug much more than their older counterparts, with 41% of 18 to 24-year olds planning to consume more pot during Christmas (in contrast to 13% of people over 55).

Relaxation for Organization

Obviously, you would think that more people would use marijuana due to stress levels. While this is the case, these consumers do not place to smoke or eat pot to alleviate sadness. According to Samantha Edwardes (public relations manager in California), she will be using the drug to calm her mind and complete her schedule quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, the purpose of marijuana consumption during Christmas will stem from an urge to be calm (the happiness factor unaffected).

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