When you look at the long lineup of debilitating illnesses that affect people around the world, you will not find a more debilitating and terrible affliction than HIV/AIDS. A double-edged sword of the worst kind, HIV and AIDS are a chain-linked duo that wreaks havoc on the immune system and breaks a person mentally and physically. So, you can imagine why many people and their loved ones throughout the years have attempted to find a way to suppress or prevent the onslaught of these viruses. Since the 1970s, advocates from San Francisco have pushed for the legalization of marijuana due to its ability to alleviate pain, nausea, appetite problems, and psychological problems that accompany HIV/AIDS. While we are aware of the terrible side effects of marijuana on young minds, we cannot deny the fascinating healing factors of the little green plant on this debilitating illness. Today, let’s take a closer look at how this psychoactive herb can play a huge role in HIV/AIDS therapy.

Life with HIV/AIDS

A few years ago, Daniel J. Kane, an AIDS patient, discussed how difficult it can be to cope with this debilitating, degenerative virus. Besides the obvious degeneration of the immune system, HIV/AIDS can also result in wasting syndrome (in which the body breaks down, literally) and an onslaught of nausea, emesis, anxiety, fatigue, and exhaustion. At times, as Kane pointed out, he suffers from a complete loss of appetite altogether and is sometimes unable to keep his medication down. In fact, research indicates that 1/3 of patients suffering from HIV/AIDS suffer from excruciating pain as a result of antiretroviral therapy.

However, patients who consume marijuana (miraculously) are 3.3 times more likely to complete treatment for HIV/AIDS (HAART treatment).

Cannabis for HIV/AIDS

Keep in mind that cannabis studies are still relatively limited and are continuously growing, but scientists have developed a unique collection of research that has confirmed marijuana’s benefits for HIV/AIDS patients. In fact, doctors have promoted the inhalation or consumption of cannabis for patients suffering from chronic pain stemming from the virus.

One type of medication that doctors recommend for HIV/AIDS patients is Marinol, a synthetic variant of THC compacted in a pill form. Typically, these pills are prescribed to patients before they start taking medical-grade cannabis. Even more interesting, marijuana contains a compound called Denbinonin, which has been proven to slow the progression of the HIV virus and AIDS.

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