How many times have you heard about doping or heavy medication in the athletic industry? For decades, the news has flooded with cases about bodybuilders using heavy amounts of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) like anabolic steroids and football players becoming addicted to pain pills. Still, would you ever consider that one of the biggest drug problems in our country (the Opioid Crisis) would find its way into the athletic programs in public schools? According to recent reports, the rate of injury and opioid use has climbed significantly among young athletes, driven (and nearly pushed to the brink of exhaustion) to succeed. Ultimately, this could also make us consider this question: how early is too early for a child to get started in rigorous sports? Let’s take a closer look at the situation and find out more about how opioids are having a severe impact on youth sports programs.

Childhood Orthopedic Surgery

Unfortunately, the jump from youth sports to opioid addiction isn’t a far leap, as recent studies have shown. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 7 million injuries related to sports and recreational activities occurring on a yearly basis are suffered by youth aged 5 to 24 years. Also, did you know that the number of youth undergoing orthopedic surgery related to sports injuries has skyrocketed in recent years? In fact, 50% of patients who required these surgical procedures were aged 15 to 19 years old.

Managing Pain in Young Athletes

HOW OPIOIDS ARE SEVERELY AFFECTING YOUTH SPORTS PROGRAMSWhen you consider how a child can manage mild to excruciating pain following orthopedic surgery, some of you may agree that opioids could be effective for a short while. However, consider that 15% of kids only received this medication from doctors for manageable conditions. Of these children, 1 out of 2,600 patients required a visit to an emergency room. Likewise, let’s not forget that opioids, simply put, are dangerously addictive and can lead to terrible behavioral problems down the road.

Even more disturbing, recent reports confirm that one new locker room trend has begun to emerge: exchanging opioids with teammates. Now, you may see why the problem with childhood opioid use is so terrifying.

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