Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) have been making headlines in sports entertainment for years, particularly with exceptionally physical activities like bodybuilding, powerlifting, and wrestling. Athletes have commonly used these addictive drugs to fulfill a sense of self-worth, preserving the glorious image of a ripped Olympian. However, as the world of comic books has taught us, sometimes addiction is not self-induced. Sometimes people become the unwilling victims of drugs. One infamous case is a supervillain that made it into Batman’s Rogue’s gallery in the 1990s. Let’s take a closer look at how this character shed some light on dangerous performance-enhancing drugs and (for a brief time) exposed readers to the addictive nature of these substances.

The Man Who Broke the Bat

HOW THE SUPERVILLAIN BANE INTRODUCED COMIC BOOK FANS TO STEROID ADDICTIONOne of the Dark Knight’s most formidable adversaries (and sometimes friend), Bane is the perfect adversary, combining brains and brawn to create one deadly powerhouse of a man. Standing nearly seven feet tall, this expert combatant made his first appearance in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (1993) and was permanently branded into the minds of comic book fans for one reason. He is the only man who has ever defeated (and nearly killed) Batman.

An Experimental Drug Called Venom

Everyone has a weak spot and, in a sickeningly ironic twist, Bane’s weakness is also his strength. Raised in a South American prison city, Bane eventually became a test subject for an experimental super-steroid called venom (an ideal name). Fed through the cerebral spinal fluid, the drug increases a person’s muscle mass within seconds and improves stamina and durability. In a way, venom is the ultimate player among PEDs. Unlike its cousins, it is channeled directly into the brain.

Later, in issues of Secret Six, Bane has completed rehabilitation and has cut himself off from the drug. As one of his friends discovers, however, the big guy still keeps small doses of venom in his apartment. In fact, his attachment to the drug is so severe that he suffers from nightmares and fever dreams. Eventually, he turns back to the drug to save his friends, at the cost of his sanity. Only the intervention of his teammates puts him back on track.

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