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Here is more on managing adolescent marijuana effectively.

Adolescent Marijuana Use

Finding out that your teenager is smoking weed can be heartbreaking. Whether you caught them in the act or they admitted it to you, the next steps that you take are critical for their long term health and happiness. While teens have often been known to engage in rebellious acts over the years, those who experiment with marijuana frequently discover that they cannot stop as easily as they thought. If you suspect that your teen may be smoking marijuana, here’s a few steps you should take to make sure that he or she does not face the consequences of becoming a chronic user.

Your first step is to find out for sure if your teen is actually using marijuana. Here are some signs that might suggest of adolescent marijuana use:

  •  You find paraphernalia or smelled marijuana smoke on your teen
  •  Your  teen is hanging out with known users of the drug
  •  Your teen wears clothing or listens to music that glorifies marijuana
  •  Your teen exhibits signs of being under the influence, such as having memory lapses or   difficulty holding a clear conversation

If you suspect that your teen is using marijuana, you can confirm your suspicions by simply asking them if they are smoking or ingesting pot. Keep in mind, however, that your teen may lie if they believe that telling the truth will get them in trouble. In these instances, you may need to seek further proof of their marijuana use by having them take a drug test at home or in a professional setting.

One of the reasons for the increasing rates of adolescent marijuana use is that it is no longer depicted as dangerous in the media. Teens who read about the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes may begin to think that using the drug is low risk. While marijuana may be legal in certain states, the truth is that it is still illegal for teenagers to use. Marijuana also affects teenagers differently than it does adults, and your kid needs to know the facts.

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