Meth can cause some of the most horrific long-term effects on the body like skin sores, weight loss, osteoporosis, sleep deprivation, and decreased libido. When users first use meth, these negative effects are not experienced because the body is still fresh to the substance. Initially, the user feels a rush of positive energy that makes them hyper-alert, talkative, and euphoric.

The problem is when this initial high wears off, and the user is unable to obtain the same level of pleasure experienced during that first high. Users fall into a relentless chase to obtain the same level of high that they experienced the first time, which is what leads to addiction and full-on dependency. What meth does to the brain is it floods the receptors for rewards while affecting memory, cognition, and pleasure. Unfortunately, this leads to a phenomenon called Anhedonia, the state of mind in which the individual is no longer able to feel pleasure from sexual activities, recreational hobbies, or even watching a movie.

Anhedonia is a result of the way meth damages the dopamine receptors in the brain, and the effects of a lack of pleasure lead to fatigue, loneliness, and depression. Trying to quit meth is no easy task and causes withdrawal symptoms of paranoia, irritability, and starvation due to the way meth inhibits the body’s natural mechanism for making individuals feel hungry. If the user is obtaining meth by way of cooking their own supply, then this poses hazards of toxic waste exposure that can cause brain damage by itself without even directly smoking the finished product.

These meth labs can also cause fires and explosions since they are homemade, which results in 3rd-degree burns or worse. Sometimes the cook of these meth labs can be threatened by other meth users that they supply the drug to. Addicts are often in a desperate state of mind to obtain the drug, and the drug makes them act violently in a way that can turn their desperate need to a violent attack on the cook if the cook does not give them their fix.

To help a meth addict, become familiar with methamphetamine and the ways it is used. Research addiction and the side effects of addiction like withdrawal, mood swings, relapses, and desperation that can eat into finances and increase secretiveness. Talk to professionals at a credited drug rehabilitation center to ask them how the situation should be handled. Avoid confronting the user when they are high because meth increases the tendency of violence in users and a confrontation could trigger an attack. Even if the person is a loved one or a significant other, meth changes the way they think while on it, so do not take the risk.

Do not forget to care for your mental health and well-being first. It is very easy to forget your own needs when trying to help someone who may not want help at first. Everyone is in their own world sometimes and getting through can be a challenge, but with patience, it is not impossible. Once you have gotten through, please help them enter a professional treatment center like Asana Recovery where they offer a supportive, calming environment for detox and residential rehabilitation. Call 949-438-4504 to learn more about their treatment services.


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