Here is a question for you: when you think of the word “pub” or “bar,” what immediately comes to mind? Obviously, a majority of you may think about a bunch of people drinking tons of alcohol and getting drunk. However, while we are quick to consider the drinking habits of the people sitting at the bar, have you ever considered the mental state of the people behind the bar? Interestingly, drinking on the job is a huge problem for bartenders across America. In fact, large percentages of them fall into the category of alcoholic very easily. Nevertheless, some bartenders might have sought out this job as a test, to ensure they are not tempted by something right in front of them. So, if you work as a bartender, how can you continue to stay sober? Let’s take a closer look and find out more.

Problems with Alcoholism behind the Counter

According to a study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 1 to 2 daily drinks falls under the category of “moderate drinking,” while anything over this range will easily be classified as habitual drinking, binge drinking, or alcoholism. However, according to public resources, some bartenders are consuming roughly 7 drinks per night. Ultimately, in reference to reports from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, this excessive quantity qualifies as a factor for heavy drinking. As some bartenders have pointed out, drinking on the job is not only unhealthy for the bartender but potentially dangerous for the customers.

How to Keep away from the Bottle

HOW TO STAY SOBER IF YOU ARE A BARTENDERObviously, for the teetotaler or the abstainer, staying sober should not be a problem, even if you are working in a place that serves booze. However, for the bartender who is celebrating several years or more of sobriety, temptation is crawling all around you. Here are some ways you can keep yourself from falling back into your problem if you are a bartender:

  • Train yourself to be able to identify how a properly mixed drink smells (instead of tasting them).
  • Have a coworker give the drink a taste test if you are concerned.
  • If a customer buys you a drink, pour it out when they are not looking and opt for the cranberry juice or soda water. (They will never know the difference).
  • Turn down the drink and say you need to drive later.
  • Taste the drink and spit it out (when no one is looking, of course).

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