Just because you may leave your recovery service does not mean you have to stop your pursuit of healing. Although, while nothing can replace the feeling of an in-person group session, an online recovery service is a brilliant method for sustaining your sobriety. The ability to connect with others who deal with similar feelings on a 24/7 basis relieves some of the isolation that achieving sobriety can create. Not to mention, they make an excellent outlet for the friends and families of patients to talk to others who are going through similar struggles.

Some of the benefits of seeking online support include maintaining accountability, sharing success stories, encouraging self-discovery, learning from others, and reminding the patient that they are not alone.  The convenience of these supplementary sessions can be highly rewarding as well and is recommended by parents.com. The mobility you receive from joining online meetings can remove a lot of the stress of a commute or other confounding factors. It is also particularly helpful for new residents of a town or city who are looking for care providers but need attention in the meantime. For some, it can mean domestic relocations or international relocations. For international relocations, online care groups can be even more beneficial because it can help reduce or mitigate language or culture barriers. Although it removes the interpersonal aspect, it does create a non-judgmental and non-confrontational climate because all of the discussion is virtual. This is highly popular with Gen-X and the tail end of the Millennial Generation as it mimics their daily consumption habits.

On the opposite hand, this anonymity can have a reverse effect and allow others to lash out. Because all statements you put online have an IP stamp and are traceable, this means you can be identified for anything you post. The ability to easily replicate your data also means that you can never fully remove your sentiments from the internet. If you are not considerate of yourself and others, this can have serious implications down the line if it were to be traced.


The empowerment of online groups is best supplemented by weekly in-person therapy treatments. Asana Recovery understands the symbiotic relationship between online and in-person meetings, making them an excellent choice for all of your rehabilitation needs.  We can help you determine which recovery groups are best for you to join and reduce the risk of misinformation that is often spread in online forums. Asana Recovery can also help you find hotlines if you would prefer to speak to a professional instead of contributing to online communities. This way you can lessen your anxiety of judgment or confrontation from an in-person appointment, while still receiving vocal coaching and mentorship.

However helpful online forums may be, Asana Recovery does not suggest the pursuit of these forums over an in-person treatment routine. The best progress is obtained by consistent face to face sessions that target the root cause of your desires and retrains your thought process in a healthy and constructive way. If you would like to incorporate therapy for addicted behaviors or troubled thoughts, please reach out to us at (949) 438 – 4504 to set up a consultation meeting to get you on the right path.