“Never leave your drink” – each and every one of us has heard this phrase before entering a bar, restaurant, club, or concert. Whether you prefer large venues or small events, you should always keep your drink in your scope of vision. After all, you never know when a shady person will drop a club drug into your Diet Coke. Although this situation can be easily averted in most situations, you may find yourself at a chaotic event where it’s hard to hold onto your beverage. So, how can you stay safe and keep tabs on your drink in the midst of a crazy concert? Let’s take a closer look at how the company “Undercover Colors” can protect you from spiked drinks.

Students Saving the World

Originally, Undercover Colors was founded by four college students at the University of North Carolina. In a recent interview with Moneyish, Barbara Cook (the company’s CEO) explained how the basic concept stemmed from a concern over female rape and initially contained products like nail polish, which changed color in the presence of a drug. Ultimately, though, the company decided to take a gender-neutral approach, creating products that tailor to men and women.

To test a drink for drugs, a user needs to place a few drops of the liquid (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) onto a medallion (the size of a quarter). In a period of 3 to 30 minutes, the results of the test will appear. If the drink has been tainted, two lines will appear on the medallion, but, if one line appears, the drink is perfectly safe.

All Drinks Are Welcome

HOW “UNDERCOVER COLORS” CAN PROTECT YOU FROM SPIKED DRINKSAccording to Dr. Nick Letourneau (director of research and development at Undercover Colors), the test kits effectively works on 100 different drinks. However, he did emphasize that the devices have not been updated to detect powerful drugs like ketamine or GHB (common date rape drugs). However, Letourneau has emphasized how the company will update its products to meet these needs.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse or Addiction

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