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How WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy Overcame Addiction to Drugs


We all admire the men and women who step into the media spotlight, beyond all the glitz and glam. However, these gifted and exuberant people are normal human beings with unfortunate human problems. Just ask Jeff Hardy, one of the Hardy Boyz wrestling duo that took World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) by storm. Back in 2017, the dynamic duo shocked viewers worldwide when they returned at WrestleMania 33 as surprise contestants for the tag team title ladder match on Monday Night Raw. After a heart-pounding victory, the brothers are back on track and have returned as WWE Superstars. However, in a recent interview with Colt Cabana on Art of Wrestling, Jeff Hardy made a shocking announcement that he had suffered through a severe addiction to drugs. His addictions nearly killed him. Let’s take a closer look at how he courageously overcame his demons.

Deeply-Rooted Problems

Based on Hardy’s account, he had been using drugs since his early twenties. He first experimented with the date rape drug (GHB). As the wrestling icon simply put it, once you take the first pill, you have sealed your fate. Once he took the drug, Hardy began to spiral out of control.

Nevertheless, Jeff and his brother continued to succeed in their WWE career. Eventually winning multiple titles in tag team contests. However, around 2009, when Jeff became world champion, his life officially hit rock bottom. During the peak of his career, he suffered from herniated disks in his back and an injury to his neck and endured tremendous pain. As a result, Jeff attempted to find additional ways to cope with his injuries and eventually turned to Vicodin, opioids, and somas. Eventually, he left the WWE to heal.

Return to Stardom

After signing a contract with TNA Impact Wrestling, Jeff Hardy had still not overcome his addiction. Eventually, his drug abuse led to the notorious Victory Road match in 2011, when Jeff was set to battle Sting. According to Eric Bischoff (an authority figure at TNA), Jeff had wandered out toward the ring and had told the two wrestlers to end the match quickly, before they got injured. As a result, Sting performed the Scorpion Death Drop (a signature move) quickly, and Jeff Hardy stayed down. Why did this take place? According to Hardy himself, he had been high on somas. After multiple arrests in 2010 and 2011, he reviewed the match with Sting and discussed the situation with his wife.

More than six years later, the Hardy Boyz are back in the ring, and Jeff Hardy is back on his feet. While he still has two strikes against him (based on recent drug activity), Jeff feels confident about his current standing in life.

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