After graduating from college, what is typically the next goal of a budding professional? For millions of young adults around the world, the first step is to get that dream job. Once you hold on to it, you begin to reap many benefits including a six-digit paycheck, lasting friendships, and an excellent reputation with management. Perhaps you get to travel to amazing countries and make lasting memories. Would you be willing to throw all that away from a joint or a drink? Unfortunately, problems including addiction and abuse can lead to terrible consequences including the loss of that five-star job. Let’s take a closer look and see how this illness can wreak havoc on a career and how your job can help you recover (in a very unique twist).

Addiction’s Effects on Work

As a result of taking mind-altering drugs, a person will not be able to perform to their full potential until the chemical has left their body. However, if this person suffers from addiction, a detrimental mental illness, drugs become the center of their life. Everything might become insignificant or invisible. If you are an addict or a drug abuser, here are some ways that addiction impedes your productivity:

  • Lack of performance quality
  • Lack of focus and concentration, leading to inconsistency
  • Distraction and absenteeism
  • Lack of judgment and no regard for safety
  • Bizarre or psychotic behavior and outbursts
  • Casually or frequently asking for money
  • Poor hygiene and unkempt appearance
  • Frequent complaints from clients, colleagues, and superiors

If one or more behaviors are not immediately addressed, you can potentially lose your job. Also, consider this important factor: if your work is not productive, customers will not be satisfied.

Work-Related Therapy

HOW YOU CAN LOSE YOUR JOB AS A RESULT OF ADDICTIONThe good news is you can easily overcome this problem. Not only that, but if you are a recovering addict, you can take advantage of a wonderful situation. Several businesses offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) provide variations of drug counseling and therapy and utilize your work as a means of rehabilitation.

Always remember that drugs and alcohol do not have control over your life. You do. Are you suffering from a substance abuse disorder or addiction? Do you have a friend or family member suffering from one or more of these debilitating illnesses? If you do, get in touch with Asana Recovery today. Our counselors and healthcare experts are ready to walk you through every step of the detox and withdrawal process and rehabilitation and guide you towards living a happier, healthier, and freer lifestyle. While the road to recovery might not be an easy road to travel, we promise to help you every step of the way. Take the first step to stay fit, healthy, and safe.

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