For hundreds of you out there, your pets are some of the most precious companions in your life. Cats, dogs, parrots, lizards, horses, ferrets, rats – any of these furry, feathered, or scaled creatures mean so much to you that you would give your left hand to save one of your babies. So would you be willing to ditch those cigarettes once and for all for the same purpose? As you may have already guessed, countless pages of medical research have proven that cigarette toxins pose just as much a threat to your pets as they do to you, and some of the consequences can become very dire. Let’s take a closer look at how your pets suffer from exposure to cigarette smoke.

No Safe Amount

HOW YOUR PETS SUFFER FROM EXPOSURE TO CIGARETTE SMOKEObviously (with a capital O), there is no safe amount of cigarette smoke for you or your pets. However, recent studies have shown that 30% of pet owners live with at least one smoker, a number that is much too high for our tastes. Keep in mind that 500,000 U.S. citizens die after being exposed to secondhand smoke every year, while 16% of American juveniles and young adults have to live in homes filled with these noxious chemicals, so imagine what damage these poisons can inflict on your little friends.

Too Many Health Problems

According to additional studies, animals that are exposed to secondhand smoke face a variety of health problems down the road. Overall, dogs can potentially suffer from allergies, respiratory issues, nasal cancer, and lung cancer, while cats can potentially suffer from lymphoma.

Likewise, the ASPCA has labeled tobacco as a substance that is hazardous to the health of pets. Even nicotine has been shown to disrupt cats’ and dogs’ nervous systems.

Seeking Treatment for Cigarette Use

Remember that addiction can be triggered by one shot of alcohol or a single puff of a cigarette, but the true danger of this sickness is that you cannot fully determine how much you have to consume before your mind forms an attachment. Social smoking is just as dangerous as chronic smoking, on many levels, but you do not have to smoke to have a good time. Remember, drugs cannot determine if you have fun and do not have control over your life.

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