In the wake of legalization along the East Coast of the United States, you would think Maine (one of the forerunners of the legalization effort) would be riding the wake of success as the little green plant plows ahead. In reality, though, the situation could not be testier. As people prepared to give a whole new meaning to the term “clambake” (no pun intended) in this seafood hot spot, clusters of marijuana supporters might be facing more speedbumps. On Friday, January 25, 2019, state officials revealed that Maine had withdrawn the winning bid from an L.A. consultant to help develop regulations for selling and packaging this herb. Initially, lawmakers had hoped to establish these new guidelines by April 2019, when marijuana could be available for locals and tourists during the beautiful Northeastern summer. So, how are they handling an issue that stinks of old clams? Let’s take a closer look at the issues with Maine’s marijuana legalization.

Just a Little Bump in the Road?

Needless to say, marijuana might not be ready for store purchase, which could spell a bit of a problem for eager buyers at locations like Vacationland (although visitors may prefer to the lobster pots than actual pot). Given the fact that this beautiful state was among the first to legalize recreational pot in 2016, this issue has become a major setback for lawmakers and the public alike. Representative Teresa Pierce (a Democrat from Falmouth and a member of the state’s Marijuana Advisory Commission) has explained how officials need to pick up the pace, as the public is more than ready to start making safe purchases.

Part of a Power Switch?

ISSUES WITH MAINE’S MARIJUANA LEGALIZATIONCoincidentally, this rescinding of the L.A. offer has occurred in time for the power transition in the State of Maine. As of now, Governor Paul LePage (Republican), who voiced great dislike for pot legalization, has been succeeded by Governor Janet Mills (Democrat). In a recent interview, Scott Ogden (representative for Governor Mills) has revealed how reshaping the political process in the state is the best option for pushing ahead for pot sales.

At this time, people can only grow and gift recreational marijuana in Maine, and the state boasts a high-quality program for patients seeking alternative medication.

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

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